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The Jewish people and their plate tectonics

Gaza Strip, Israel

“These people are actively involved, individually, on
universal history. I don't understand how they can take it. ”
Saul Bellow (1915- 2005 )
“Jerusalem Round trip”

Since the beginning of the Christian era, and even before, the leaders of the Jewish people have sought to unite territory and people in the same geographical place and for decades found the long-dreamed territory, but it was in one of the most explosive regions of the land — Palestine.

Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, a big and endless conflict rages in the Middle East causing discomfort, insecurity and war on the ground and in the world.

I looked in geology for the image I need: nothing else is Arab-Israeli conflict that the result of friction between the edges of two political tectonic plates- the eastern plate and the western plate. O epicenter of the “fault” is the city of Jerusalem, which is exactly the place most affected by friction. But, from when in when, as now the action of the epicenter causes catastrophic effects on the edges, is the phenomenon that I call “political tsunami”: episodes that occurred recently in various parts of the globe like in London, Barcelona ,Brussels, Paris. This is all the explosive fruit of the Islamic state to denounce that there are continuous friction in the center(no epicenter ) and that the plates are creaking more than ever. Will the world endure ?

We think that the Israel-Palestine conflict will advance through centuries of centuries, as long as geography is imperfect and the gods tripartites.

Attempts in the recent past have sought that dream territory. Many could be cited , but the most relevant was the work by Baron Maurício Hirsch, a magnificent entrepreneur who was called the “Baron of Tzedakah ”and left indelible marks in the history of the Jewish people having invested its powerful resources in various parts of the world and even here in America invested in Argentina, No brazil, in Canada and Mexico.

Hirsh had an enlightened vocation as a social entrepreneur and for this purpose, the Jewish company was set up Colonization Association. Here is a digression for we better understand the action of the Jewish patriarchs. The key word is Tzedaka.

Tzedaka , Tsedaca, or even Zedaca is the Jewish commandment often translated erroneously as "charity", the translation being more needs “social justice”.

I have the impression that the search for a safe place to shelter the people of Israel still continues. Didn't find– the man- the humanity- a pleasant place for the people of Israel. That's what I'm talking about here.

Allow me to confess that I have been studying how to live in a more peaceful and humane world looking for my private "Zedacá". The first reason is exactly the respect that I devote to the world of law that I believe should be superimpose on the world of war. I am a Doctor of Law from the Faculty of Law of USP and descending from a family of lawyers. Lawyer father and grandfather judge , great grandfather State governor. I run the “Think Tank Think and Act” which, following what advocates Herman Kahn, Hudson Institute founder seeks to be a creative Think Tank in the art of thinking the unthinkable ”.

In my search for a peaceful place for Jews live in, for men to live for my granddaughters to live, for the Arabs live in , consequently,  I came across with South America and here , with French Guiana. I've been studying this country since I noticed the explosions - the "tsunamis" getting closer and closer to the Brazil as powerful weapons enter more and more through our fragile borders- is a sign that the great “tsunami” is coming.

Let's go to a hyper simplified text about French Guiana:It's the least populated territory in the Americas, slightly north of the line from the equator. With hot and rainy climate only the coastal region of land low and alluvial is grown with banana cocoa, rice, corn and sugar cane. The mountainous relief of the interior is covered by tropical forests and there are important deposits of bauxite and gold( Eldorado was once considered , per adventurers ).

The population is about 250.000 souls being the majority descendant of the miscegenation of African slaves with Europeans. There are minorities Chinese, indian and french. The practiced religion is mostly catholic. It is an overseas department of France. Its territorial extension is in 89.150 km2.

All solutions to the Middle East conflict have already been studied in these 80 years of life in the State of Israel is now up to the boldness extreme and the supreme tzedakah. Barons will be summoned

“It is not enough to know, it is necessary to apply. Not enough
to want, it is also necessary to act ”

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In rememberence. Roberto Ferrari de Ulhôa Cintra holds a law degree from USP (University of Sao Paulo). Doctor of Laws from USP, in 2005, author of the Thesis The Conflict Resolution Pyramid: a Civil Society Contribution to Judicial Reform. Has a specialization course at Harvard University and New York University. Has Course in Administration of Financial Institutions at IBMEC-Rio and Specialization Course in Capital Markets at School of Business Administration of São Paulo - FGV. Study and research Law and Justice "sustainable", what he calls “Green Law” and “Green Justice”, for application in the immediate future. His perspective of Law emphasizes the General Theory of the State; his perspective of Justice is concerned with Pacification: Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration. His book The Conflict Resolution Pyramid was edited by the Federal Senate (2008). Has near 40 articles published in the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, in the “Conjur” Bulletin.