British breach of Brexit agreements

Authors Mariana Clemente and Lara Cristal Gonçalves

No year of 2017, the United Kingdom initiated a process of withdrawal from the European, called “Brexi”, is at 31 January 2020, became the first country to carry it out. After that date, over a period of 11 months were and will be agreed on treaties and negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European bloc.

In October of this year, the English country was accused of breaching and violating agreements with the EU, causing the block to seek to process it. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the decision at a meeting, of a brief statement in which he regretted that the Boris Johnson Government had breached its obligation and violated the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol, when presenting a draft of the Internal Market Law. (THE COUNTRY,2020).

The EU had imposed a deadline on London until 30 September to amend the draft Internal Market Law, with which Johnson wanted to retreat in the commitments reached with the bloc on Northern Ireland. If London continues to violate the agreement, community services can give a motivated opinion, that would give Johnson a second chance to fulfill what is foreseen in the pact. A British government spokesman, However, stated that Johnson intends to respond to the letter in due course and insisted on arguments for introducing measures related to the Northern Ireland protocol.

Community sources recall that Johnson has repeatedly violated the political statement that accompanied the Brexit deal, which makes negotiation difficult. Therefore, the spokesman added that it is extremely necessary to create a legal safety net to protect advances in the peace process and the integrity of the UK's single market. In addition, ensure that ministers can always fulfill their obligations to Northern Ireland.

The commission believes, also, that this Johnson decision sets a bad precedent for negotiating a possible trade deal, by breaking trust between the parties. For more, Bruxelas se posicionou alegando que considera esse protocolo crucial para evitar uma fronteira que divide a ilha da Irlanda e ponha em risco os Acordos da Sexta-Feira Santa, entre católicos e protestantes do território.

In short, o artigo 5 do Acordo de Retirada estabelece que a UE e o Reino Unido tomem medidas apropriadas para assegurar o cumprimento das obrigações decorrentes do Acordo de Retirada, e que devam abster-se de quaisquer medidas que possam comprometer a realização desses objetivos. Ambas as partes estão vinculadas à obrigação de cooperar de boa fé na execução das tarefas decorrentes do Acordo de Retirada. Therefore, ao fazer isso, o Reino Unido quebrou sua obrigação e, lançou um processo quese o Projeto de Lei for adotadoimpediria a implementação do Acordo de Retirada. (THE COUNTRY,2020)

Em consequência a pandemia, a economia britânica foi afetada e, no momento, o país busca conversações sobre um possível novo acordo comercial com a União Europeia. Em face a essa realidade, cabe ao Primeiro – Ministro Boris Johnson decidir se irá se aproximar de alguma maneira da Europa ou se afastar. (CNN,2020)


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