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Elections in Peru and Democracy in Latin America

Candidates for the presidency of Peru: Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori

Peru will pass, in day 6 June 2021 for a second round of a highly polarized presidential election. On the one hand, temos Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, from another, the far-left candidate Pedro Casillo. curiously, the first round was not one of great electoral polarization, having castillo only obtained 19% of votes while Fujimori achieved mere 13%. That is, 68% of voters preferred other candidates.

We should then observe a polarization induced by institutions, no case, the electoral rule. Two candidates in very distant positions on the economic spectrum will campaign to convince a core mass of voters who didn't think their proposals were the best right away. Peruvian politics will be more polarized by the end of the elections, but let us not think that the Peruvian electorate is the one who induced this polarization.

Another interesting fact of these elections is that the two candidates who passed the second round are conservative in the field of customs; in true, Castillo is something beyond that. The candidate is not only opposed to civil unions between homosexuals but also preaches that there should not even be sex education in schools. In the economic field, promises the nationalization of companies, mostly foreigners. That is, Castillo must bring 21st century socialism into the economy and 20th century socialism into customs.

Political analysts looking to see electoral patterns and cycles in Latin America must be cautious. already talked about – I do not – of a pink wave, but Ecuador recently elected a right-wing candidate, against extrapolations from opinion polls, by the way. What we can say is that contemporary democracy, with the possible exceptions of Chile and Uruguay, there is no easy life around here. No brazil, the core of the electorate has become a majority and even seems to have some appreciation for regular elections, free and clean, but we have fringes, getting bigger, at the poles of the political spectrum, who despise democracy, openly on the right and covertly on the left. Not to mention a special caste of eleven people appointed to guard the constitution., but who began to legislate, they didn't stop her, started to run, they didn't counterbalance it, and now rips the constitution at your leisure.

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