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Carolina Hissano Tazima

Carolina Hissano Tazima, Londoner, International Relations student at ESPM-SP. He is a junior analyst at the Asian Studies and Business Center. Nurtures a great interest in different cultures, especially Asian. Enthusiast of environmental causes and animal rights
Society 5.0: Japanese population decline and robotics
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Society 5.0: Japanese population decline and robotics

· The factors that led to the reduction of the population The Japanese population in 2009 reached its highest number of population. It reached 127,340,884 million; since thenstenumber decreasing. After only ten years, 2019 already presents a fall population of approximately 2 millions of people. This causes a great impact on the economy and society as a whole, due to population reduction economically active and the consequent reduction of labor, and the increase in elderly population. Former Minister of Health, Katsunobu Kato, announced that in 2017 only 946,060 children were born, or less registered number since 1899. In contrast, 1.340.433 Japanese passed away. The office of Japan statistics estimates that the population will decline to 100 millions, ...