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Luis Renato Rua

PhD student of the Global Studies Program at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Master in International Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (FEP/UP), Post-Graduate in Agribusiness from the Luiz de Queiróz School of Agriculture (ESALQ / USP) and Graduated in International Relations by FACAMP and also in Economics by FACAMP. Held functions as Corporate Relations Manager at BRF S.A. for Latin America (based in Argentina), having also been Vice-President of the Department of International Trade of the Brazil-Argentina Chamber of Commerce (CAMBRAS) and Director of Grupo Brasil. Among its topics of interest, international trade stands out, the development of agribusiness, issues related to food security and sustainability, the coordination of global value chains and the geopolitics of food.
The Chinese presence in African agriculture – “invasion” or cooperation?
Africa, Angola, Algeria, China, Studies, Mozambique, Nigeria

The Chinese presence in African agriculture – “invasion” or cooperation?

The goal of this study is to assess the Chinese presence in African agriculture in the light of increased discussions about an alleged Chinese “invasion” through the purchase of arable land. Previous scientific studies and little data Existing and reliable indicators indicate that there is no clear evidence of an “invasion” Chinese in Africa, even though the Chinese interest in soil agriculture Africa has indeed increased in this century. On the other hand, aid and technical cooperation mechanisms have increased substantially since the beginning of the XXI century. There seems to be space, because, for partnerships that collaborate with reducing malnutrition in Africa through the use of technology and chinese know-how. Until the present moment, little evidence exists also about the land occupation ...