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The Middle East Studies and Business Center (NENOM) is linked to the Brazilian Center for International Business Studies & Corporate Diplomacy (CBENI) from ESPM-SP. It was created considering the need to stimulate the Brazilian and Latin American academic community to better understand their relations with the countries of the region.
Protests or revolution? The birth of a new Lebanon
Cyprus, Lebanon, Middle East

Protests or revolution? The birth of a new Lebanon

Author: Leticia Fadlallah Western media portrayed the reason for the wave of protests that have been taking place in Lebanon since 17 October 2019 until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a reaction to the imposition of a new tax on WhatsApp app voice calls, an error, because this is not the main reason why the Lebanese have called it a revolution. The real reasons behind the population's outrage, comes from an economic stagnation and political crisis that, years ago, unworthy the population. Before the pandemic, the country suffered from the lack of garbage collection because, according to the government, did not have enough financial resources to pay for the garbage trucks, which generated amounts of waste on the Lebanese streets. The tariff for voice calls was only the trigger for this true place..