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Guidelines for publication

The portal World map publishes analyzes of international issues from different political-ideological readings, seeking to be a space for open and essayistic debate.

Rules for publication in World map:

1 - Text with, no maximum, 30.000 characters. Larger texts must have prior approval from the editorial staff and the Editorial Board. The article must be sent by e-mail 

2 - Bibliographic references must be placed in the text (author's last name, year, page). The other data of the publication must be placed in the bibliography. Footnotes are for additional information or clarification that cannot be included in the text.

3 - All texts must contain an abstract (with, no maximum, 300 characters).

4 - Texts sent spontaneously must be unpublished in the country. Previously public data, in the form of a lecture, Communication, etc., must be informed in note to the part. Articles will be examined by the Editorial Board, being that the Mapa Mundi is not responsible for the return of the unapproved ones or even for the communication to the authors.

5 - The author can send / indicate illustration suggestions for his text. Photos must be high resolution (300 dpi) and contain subtitles and credits. Images taken from the internet will not be accepted.