ISSN 2674-8053

Autor: Alexandre Tognini

<span lang ="en">Brazil’s oil problem</span>
Américas, Ásia, Brasil, Coréia do Sul, Estados Unidos

O problema do petróleo do brasil

How the current pandemics and recent tendencies could shape the future of oil generation towards low-carbon clean energy substitutes in Brazil? Taking into consideration the rising and volatile prices of oil in the current uncertain scenario promoted by the COVID-19 pandemics, the experienced supply shock caused by industry lockdowns as well as a fragilized reputation of the Brazilian government, the proposed analysis consists in the elaboration of three scenarios around the strategy aim. In a year where the world, despite suffering from the pandemics, committed a record $501.3bi to decarbonization, in which companies, governments and households invested $303.5bi in new renewable energy capacity (BloombergNEF, 2021), the importance of considering the low-carbon energy transition...