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Greece vs Turkey

Author Maria Thereza Gordinho

Cyprus is dominated by the ethnic dispute between the Turks and Greeks who reside on the island. After a period of conflict, the European Union created the “green line” between the two countries, a “barrier” between the two countries, separating the south, Greek Cypriot, member of the European Union, and internationally recognized, From north, Turkish Cypriot. However,, the issue that causes conflict between the two countries today, is the dispute over natural gas. Turkey wants maritime borders to be revised.

Therefore, this issue crossed the borders of the island, involving, currently, world powers and international organizations. In 1974, Turkey invaded the northern Cypriot and, today this region is internationally recognized as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (RTCN), territory without international recognition.

The European Union, as a mediator of the conflict, was frightened by the event of August of that year (2020) between NATO partners, where Turkish and Greek warships got close to one another in the Mediterranean, resulting in the involvement of France alongside Athens. In October, there was a discussion between the European Union and Turkey, in which it was concluded that if Turkey stops exploiting, according to the European Union illegally, the eastern Mediterranean region, relations between the two countries can improve.

The United States has also shown interest in the subject, siding with Greece, claim they believe that “the conflict must be resolved peacefully, in accordance with international law ”. Mike Pompeo, American secretary of state, hopes that exploratory talks between the two countries should bring positive results, saying: “We hope that exploratory negotiations will not only start in the right way, but it is important that they are resolved in a way that produces results that each of the two nations considers more than acceptable ”, to the Athens News Agency.

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