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Brazilians in Portugal after the Reopening of Borders

Por Helena Francesconi and Maria Toffano

Portugal is receiving a large influx of Brazilians after the reopening of its borders in September. The country stands out on the international stage for its high rate of vaccination, with 10,3 millions of vaccinated citizens, making up the high percentage of 86% fully vaccinated. As stated by Portuguese Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, who led the Task Force against the virus, virtually everyone who is eligible for vaccination has been vaccinated.. Portugal knew how to overcome very well its crisis of overcrowding of hospitals contaminated by Covid-19. With successful vaccination, the country sees a drop in the number of cases and deaths. In this way, offers security to ease your restrictions, enabling them to receive the entry of tourists. Logo, due to the natural affinity between Brazil and Portugal, there was an intense wave of Brazilians entering the European country.

According to The Washington Post, Portugal has a death rate of about half the European Union average. At the beginning of October, virtually all restrictions imposed in order to prevent the spread of the Covid virus have been lifted. The European country only requires a similar negative RT-PCR or NAAT test done with up to 72 hours in advance or rapid antigen test done at most 48 hours before boarding. In relation to trade, if you see a high, with stores, restaurants and even clubs reopening.

According to the Aliens and Borders Service, around 120 a thousand Brazilians have entered Portuguese territory since the borders opened. This flow from Brazil is so large that it already exceeds pre-pandemic numbers, September 2019. The biggest reason for Brazilians to visit Portugal is tourism, with professional reasons occupying the second place. The reason for the high demand for tourism today is the demand, which was retracted for a long time during the most intense period of the pandemic. The blue one, Brazilian airline, claimed that there was a large increase in the search for tickets to Portugal and that, when compared to the month of August, September numbers almost doubled. To meet the wishes of the population, Azul started selling extra flights to Portugal as of October, with additional links between the two countries.

Therefore, the reopening also heated up the interest of Brazilians. Those looking for a new country to live in state that the low security, the lack of jobs in their areas and political dissatisfaction, take them on this journey to the country where they share the language, which makes everyday life easier. The Global Peace Index states that Portugal is among the five safest countries in the world, way above Brazil's position, which is below the hundredth position. The Brazilian immigrant in Portugal has a tendency to seek to do business, born a new expatriate profile. According to the Portuguese Franchising Association, in the last years, one in three businesses opened belongs to Brazilians. The immigration specialist and CEO of “I'm going to live in Portugal”, Patricia Lemos, says that the search for stability after emigrating is growing for Brazilians, business-oriented.

In September, the renewal of entry permit for Brazilians was carried out every fifteen days. In this month, October 2021, the government of Portugal allowed the opening to last until the day 31, showing a trend to go that way. The Director of Tourism of Portugal in Brazil, Bernardo Barreiros Cardoso, says that there is a panorama of relief and not so much of restrictions. All this set of opportunities that Portugal has been offering is interesting for Brazilians who seek the country as a tourism or housing option.


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