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Focus Africa 2023

Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, revealed on the day 29 March the plan that started with the conferences and debates at the Palace of Monaco in Madrid. O Focus Africa 2023, baseado no Third Plan Africa,  promises further development on the African continent, increasing economic involvement and overall presence on the continent. Obstacles in common as:  devastated agriculture, lack of female empowerment, high level of carbon dioxide emissions and lack of employment, made the government take actions together with Spanish stakeholders, offering incentives for Spanish investors and companies to expand on the African continent.

The distance between countries makes diplomatic relations easier, tending to be strategic partners. But, we know that the decisive factor for Spain's proximity to Africa will be the high Spanish investment in the project, showing that your contribution to the region is as important as your other diplomatic relations, which ends up being a beneficial relationship for both. The development of peace and security, inclusive and resilient economic growth, institutional power, regular and safe orderly transportation, will be seen as priorities and consequently increase opportunities, mainly for African countries.

Based on the Third Plan Africa proposal, strategic framework that guides Spanish relations with the African continent, a rapprochement based on shared interests is advocated., in addition to the broad consensus of the Spanish government with the participation of companies and investors operating in the region. Decrease in migration was a topic addressed and requires priority attention because it reflects an analysis in which there are more opportunities and employability arising from economic development. This framework attracts more partners and stakeholders interested in investing in industries in Africa or just in the economy of countries.

With this new interaction, Spanish companies gain a new market, full of opportunities and investments, that by being inserted in the region, they are adept at the benefits of the afCFTA (África Continental Free Trade Area) ensuring free movement of goods within the continent. From these, countries like the UK are looking to the growing region and intend to strengthen economic ties; countries are the focus of interest in the economic sphere.: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Win, Egypt, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal; with Morocco and Senegal being the pilot countries.

 Initially in the year of 2019 exports between Spain and Africa reached €19 billion, equivalent to 19% of the country's exports outside the European Union; imports made by Spain from Africa reached €27 billion in the same year. The Prime Minister of Spain cited that the African continent could count on Spanish support in matters in the European Union.

Consequently, o Focus Africa 2023, may result in the development of the continent in the economic poles, commercial, human and political. An outcome like this is highly anticipated, because in this way, challenges will be unleashed, enabling the continent to progress and increasing the possibilities of diplomatic and trade relations with other countries or continents. In relation to project budgets, there is nothing available about , only economic development plans for the African continent. These plans result in a greater attraction of foreign countries in the economic engagement of Africa, what makes the economy rotate and enables a better quality of life for all individuals gradually across the territory.

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Authors Gabriel Arcanjo and Luiza Abate, NENE/ESPM researchers

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