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Challenges and opportunities: the essential cooperation between BRICS countries

The importance of cooperation between BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – has been a recurring theme in international economic and political discussions. This article delves into the need to expand interaction between members in commercial spheres, economical, financial and monetary, using explicit quotes from newspapers in the countries involved, to highlight the possible gains of this approach.

According to the “China Daily”, China sees BRICS as a vital platform for promoting genuine multilateralism and reforming global governance. Cooperation between these emerging economies is seen as a counterpoint to the unilateralism and economic protection prevalent in the West. This reflects the Chinese view that strengthening ties within BRICS can help balance the current world order.

On the other hand, The “Times of India” highlights the importance of BRICS in redefining global economic relations, emphasizing that collaboration between India and the other bloc members could lead to a golden era for intra-bloc trade and investment. The paper suggests that India, with its rapidly growing economy, can benefit significantly from an expanded market for your products and services, in addition to obtaining better investment conditions in infrastructure and technology.

From the Russian perspective, as articulated by “Russia Today”, BRICS serves as a strategic tool to reduce the country's dependence on the Western financial system. Russia sees an opportunity in BRICS to develop alternatives to the dollar payments system, which is crucial given the economic sanctions the country faces.

No brazil, a “Folha de S.Paulo” highlights that, to the South American country, BRICS is a platform to diversify its economic alliances and reduce external vulnerability. Cooperation with BRICS members can open new markets for Brazilian exports and promote greater technical and technological cooperation.

Meanwhile, The “Mail & Guardian” South African highlights the benefits of BRICS for South Africa and the African continent as a whole, arguing that the bloc offers an opportunity for their voices to be heard on the world stage. The newspaper emphasizes that participation in BRICS allows South Africa to influence the global agenda on topics such as sustainable development, climate change and reform of international financial institutions.

Despite these positive aspects, BRICS countries face criticism and attempts at delegitimization, particularly by those who see their union as a threat to Western interests. However, the potential benefits of closer cooperation are clear: economic growth, market diversification and political strengthening. The challenge for BRICS will be to find common ground among its members, while respecting your individual differences and goals.

Like this, deepening relations within BRICS and expanding its influence through BRICS+ are not just strategic measures for member countries, but also essential contributions to a more balanced and multipolar world order. As the world faces increasing economic and political challenges, the importance of effective cooperation between BRICS nations only tends to grow.

Rodrigo Cintra
Post-Doctorate in Territorial Competitiveness and Creative Industries, by Dinâmia - Center for the Study of Socioeconomic Change, of the Higher Institute of Labor and Enterprise Sciences (ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal). PhD in International Relations from the University of Brasília (2007). He is Executive Director of Mapa Mundi. ORCID

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